CIRCO: Creating Business through Circular Design

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Is it true that designers are the real game changers in the move towards  a circular economy? Join us in a review of the business models, design  strategies, workshops on circular design, and the results of the CIRCO  project.


Our current economic model is becoming increasingly unsustainable for both  the economy and our planet: the circular economy offers companies  opportunities to anticipate inevitable change and innovate their business  models. The CIRCO project takes circular design as a starting point and enables  companies and designers to work together and “go circular”. In 2015, CIRCO  empowered 50 Dutch companies and 75 design professionals to develop new  circular products, services and business models. In a pressure cooker workshop, CIRCO introduces companies and designers  to the principles and opportunities of the circular economy. Participants  quickly learn to use circular business models and design strategies to start  creating circular business. CIRCO disseminates its learning in order to identify new opportunities for  collaboration with international stakeholders.

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