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This event finished on 26 February 2016

A story is a story is a story is a story. Or is it? With listeners becoming readers, and readers becoming users, storytellers have to keep re-inventing themselves. So let us talk about the ever-changing nature of editorial design, the endless wellspring of new ways of storytelling, and what may lie abreast.

The fourth international Editorial Design Conference will see magazine makers offering insights into new global trends and surprising counter-trends, and examining contemporary transformations. Gathering under the question, “Quo Vadis Editorial Design?” (QVED for short), designers, journalists and publishers discuss their latest work, providing a glimpse into their successful and failed projects alike, and showing examples from others who have inspired them. Europe’s largest conference on editorial design is more than conference by and for editors: it is pure inspiration for designers from every field.

  • Hot topics 2016
    Text Kisses Design: Collaboration between editorial and graphics
    Transformation Kisses Tradition: Reshaping digital
    Munich Kisses The Netherlands: Editorial design among the Dutch – a look at the MCBW 2016 Partner Country.

And there’s more

  • Sessions on magazine photography and illustration
    Exhibitions, workshops and a party

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