Creating Ultra Personalized Products & Services UPPS

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Combining the Creative Industries’ user centered design approach with Smart Industries’ technologies creates new opportunities for developing Ultra Personalized Products and Services (UPPS). User data from 3D scans, parametric design, and additive manufacturing, are the key components in these solutions.


They offer innovative propositions for the healthcare, sport and fashion industries. Fieldlab UPPS supports designers in the fashion and healthcare industries when experimenting with innovative products and services that offer a high level of customer intimacy. In the fashion industry, addressing waste and sizing issues requires personalized solutions. In healthcare, personalized solutions are needed to improve the quality of care and address increased health literacy amongst patients. Are you fascinated by the future of customizable product design? Do you want to learn more about how to design products that need to be customized on a large scale?

This session presents personalized visions for intriguing solutions both in and outside the human body. The opportunities for mass-customization are illustrated in a series of case-studies ranging from designs based on 3D- scans to those based on user-input. UPPS shares its learnings in order to identify new opportunities for collaboration with international stakeholders.

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Program and topics

1. introduction CLICKNL Design

  • who are we and why are we here?
  • agenda


2. Introduction Smart Industry and UPPS

  •  adding the human touch to smart industry
  • useful application of tech opportunities
  • design driven approach to innovation
  • business and sustainability impact


3. Research & development in UPPS

  • designing wearables, fashion, shoes, healthcare solutions and sports accessories
  • tech opportunities and challenges
  • impact on design processes
  • business opportunities


4. Break (15 min)

5. Scan: how can NL UPPS-approach accelerate Bayern business?

  • key findings in the Netherlands
  • interactive scan of applicability in Bayern context in a multi-stakeholder perspective. How does the approach and learning help:
    • companies
    • designers
    • government
    • students / universities


6. Wrap up

  • – summary
  • – next steps

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